Saturday, 28 September 2013

One day to go!

It's finally here!  This time tomorrow I should be over half way through the run and on the home straight.  My training this week has been terrible, I have only been out for one run due to a late finish at work and a night out in London but hey ho, the training of the last 12 weeks should hopefully be enough to see me through. 

Today is supposedly all about relaxing and getting my body ready for the onslaught of 13.1 miles as well as trying to stay well hydrated as I know how important that is for tomorrow so a couple of litres of water is the order of the day!  I say 'supposed' to be relaxing, I have found myself going through the results from previous years and i'm looking at being one of the last to stumble over the finish line but as long as I finish then I can take me 3 hours and that will be a good result for someone who struggled to complete a mile just a few months ago!

Going to need a lot of motivation for the morning so here goes....

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