Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to it!

Finally got out again this morning for my first run since the half marathon. Only did a slow-ish 1.5 miles, partly because it's been so long and partly because I'm breaking in a new pair of luminous salmon pink trainers for all that dark winter training! 

This is the longest break i've had since I started running and was beginning to wonder if I would ever get the motivation to get training again, especially as the mornings now are dark and getting increasingly chilly.  It is so much easier to lay in bed for that extra hour thinking up a million and one excuses why I don't want to run but I had to get tough with myself. I will be running a full marathon in April and if I want to stand any chance of getting through that then I have some serious training to be getting on with!

Going to spend the next few weeks aiming for at least 3 runs a week, two 5k and a long run of minimum 10k at the weekend - plus the odd spin class thrown in for good measure!  Need to have a closer look at training plans and see if I need a longer one to get me through because training for a half marathon is nothing compared to a full one so I had better do some research now as that clock is ticking away...

Found this little quote that is a good motivator to keep going though...

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