Sunday, 29 March 2015

Look before you eat...

This weekend has not gone to plan and it all started with an innocent lunch choice yesterday.  

I know that it is always advised to eat food that you are used to leading up to a long run but as usual, I ignored the voices of experience and went my own way and chose a tasty looking vegetable soup for lunch. Harmless enough you might think, until I gobbled it up THEN realised it contained the dreaded processed garlic that so many food producers tend to favour over the real thing.  The issue here is that and my body never takes kindly to this fake garlic invasion and responds usually with a migraine and/or decidedly dodgy guts (ill spare you the rest of the gruesome details!). 

Luckily, I realised what I had consumed before it had the chance to have the full effect and I went for a 5 mile run in the countryside to ensure at least I had done something this weekend.  Gradually, the usual side effects made themselves known and although I seem to have escaped the full blown migraine the digestive effects soon made an appearance and when I tried running again this afternoon I had to call it a day after one 2.5 mile loop due to horrendous indigestion, and the sensation I may lose control over my bowels at any moment which is not something I want to do. Ever. Least of all with a steady stream of holiday makers all gawking at me from their cars as they drive into town to start their Easter getaways!

So the grand total mileage for this weekend is only half of what it should have been which is very disappointing but looking on the bright side, is better than nothing.  The moral of this story is stick to eating what I know in future and to be thankful that I properly realised this two weeks before the big day rather than two hours before it!  

Pass the Gaviscon....

Lastly a big THANK YOU to people who have donated so far you are all wonderful! Just another little reminder that I have got a fundraising page set up so if anyone else would like to donate (as little or a much as you can) to The Urology Foundation ( then please pay a visit to where you can find out more information about why I chose to support this charity.

So, from today, there's only 2 weeks to go until I face the challenge of a lifetime and I will need a whole lot of motivation to get there - this should do the trick....

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