Saturday, 11 January 2014

Week four done - keep on keeping on.


Last night, I'm ashamed to say, I got 
very close to giving it all up. I seem to have so much to do at the moment what with 
moving, work, on-calls and completing a degree module but after a good chat with the boy I decided that I have to carry on as much as I can and keep on taking it one day at a time and even if I don't make the marathon, there is no harm in training!

This wobble followed what has been, as usual, a challenging week. It all started off waking up with a nasty 3am migraine on Monday morning, which was not the best start to the week.  Lucky that was a rest day then I had a 50 minute run on Tuesday morning.  This was one of the hardest runs I have ever done - it was the last thing I wanted to do after Monday but knew that I had to at least give it a go.  The first two miles were absolute hell but to my surprise things got better and I settled in to a nice pace and made it to 50 minutes in one piece! 

Wednesday was supposed to be a 30 minute run but I was just aching all over and felt like I was coming down with something so took the day off but promised myself I would have a good cross training session on Friday, which I'm glad to say I did.  

So, long run day is suppose to be Sunday, but as I am having what could turn in to a heavy night of partying tonight, I had to get it done today!  The time to reach this morning was 70 minutes. Got up at 6am, saw the usual dark, rainy, miserable January morning wanted to go back to bed blah blah blah - but still had no choice but to go for it! Last week I struggled a bit with the 60 minute long run but today I started off at a slightly slower pace so I had energy left for a strong finish and despite a 30 second stop half way for an energy gel I kept going at a nice steady pace all the way (including dropping 1min 30 secs off my pace for the last mile) and it turned out to be one of the nicest, enjoyable long runs so far!

Great end to a tough week so bring on week five....

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