Saturday, 18 October 2014

Guess who's back?

Oh yes, it's me! You all thought I'd disappeared into the hills of Devon never to return didn't you?  I wouldn't do that, after all, I've got a marathon to train for.  

Ok, so admittedly everything has gone suspiciously quiet since April when I re-entered the 2015 Brighton Marathon after deferring my 2014 place.  In the meantime, I have sneaked in the Torbay Half Marathon (June 2014, see below for photographic evidence of this event - I was there....honest guv!) which I managed to to complete in EXACTLY the same time as the Folkestone Half marathon over a year ago, so despite all the training, I still go at roughly the speed of a snail on a gravel driveway in August but I go the distance - and beat a man in a duck costume by about 10 seconds - and that's still what matters the most! (Going the distance that is, not beating the duck man.)


....after (with shiny medal and snazzy t shirt - hurrah!)

Duck Man coming in behind me!
Since Torbay, I have been busy doing lots of walking and generally enjoying the gorgeous local countryside and beaches, (see for lots of pictures) but now as balmy summer is quickly fading into gloomy autumn it's time to get out running again, even if it is in the dark - I have even invested in a sexy hi-vi and a headlight this year.  The next couple of months will be getting back into regular training ready for the onslaught of 16 weeks of marathon training which officially begins on 23rd December so watch this space for more thrilling updates! 

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