Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Let the Marathon Training Begin!

That time of year has sneaked up on us all again, no not the time where everyone runs around supermarkets like headless chickens panic buying food as the shops will be closed for one day, but the time when spring marathon training programmes begin. (Plus it's the time you poor people get inundated with my blog/therapy posts in your Facebook/Google+ feed - sorry!)

Today marks the official first run of the training.  It has begun (again!) only this year, I plan to make it through to the start line (...and hopefully over the finish line) no matter what. 

As you might know from my previous ramblings on here, I followed the Bupa training programme for the two half marathons I have completed and, as it seems like a sensible plan, I am also following their beginners marathon plan for this event. It is a total of 16 weeks including regular short runs and increasing long runs at weekends. To kick off, this week is a nice easy introduction with three 20 minute runs and a 40 minute long run at the weekend.  As the event is mid-April, this ties in nicely with Christmas week so its not too taxing and I still have a bit of room to enjoy myself yeehah :) 

Tonight is perfect conditions for my inaugural marathon training run, a little bit drizzly with a bit of a breeze - lets hope this is a sign of things to come  - after all, it is winter so I see wind and rain as good conditions as it's a hell of a lot better than snow! 

So I survived the first run, but there are plenty more to go and I think if i'm going to survive the rest i'll need a whole lot of motivation...

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