Sunday, 4 January 2015

Excuses, excuses....

Happy New Year!

I'm not going to lie to you, this week I have been bad.  So bad in fact that not only have I not done a single training run (until tonight) I have also been on a mission to demolish ALL of the left over Christmas food to the point that I could now try my hand at a new career as a Jabba the Hut impersonator. I'm ashamed to admit that the lowest point of the week was probably when I used up the remaining double cream in place of milk on bran flakes one morning. *Cringe*

This makes me angry. I have no idea what has driven me to act like this - my motivation just disappeared - maybe it's the festive sugar overload, maybe it's just a bit of SAD creeping in due to lack of daylight.  Whatever it is, it has got to stop.  No more excuses.

So, after missing three 25 minute training runs this week I went out for the 50 minute long run tonight.  Before I set off, I thought, 'ah this will be easy, after all it was only 6 months ago I ran a half marathon so how hard can it be?' I'll tell you how hard it was... it was bloody hard! Following a week of gorging and taking 'carb loading' to the extreme, my body was in protest mode every step of the way, BUT I did complete it and as I limped home, I vowed to get back to the fruit and veg and leave out the fruit and nut from now on.  

Luckily, being so early on in the training I should have time to redeem myself, basically I have no choice but to redeem myself because if I carry on like this it will end badly, hospital in-patient type badly!

Despite all the sitting down I have done lately, week 2 has finished on a high and with a cold realisation that there is absolutely no room for complacency in marathon training.  

On to week 3 keeping in mind this golden rule....


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