Sunday, 11 January 2015

That's more like it!

Week three of training has now come to an end.  It has been the best week so far, a bit more challenging, as it should be, but I'm finally feeling better about training. I have completed all of my training runs despite the wind and rain (plus an extra one last night to try out my new shoes!). That base fitness is finally returning and i'm finding it a lot easier to settle into a comfortable pace on long runs, even though those local hills are still killers!

At the beginning of the week, it all be became a bit more real when I received the T-Shirt from The Urology Foundation that I shall be running in on the big day!

It does fit, but due to all my festive indulgence it IS a little snug so that spurred me on even more to put a whole lot more effort into training! 

Over the coming weeks, i'll be adding links to my fundraising page and doing a lot more posting on Twitter (@carolinegower) and Instagram (@carolinegower) to raise awareness about the charity and my reason for choosing them to raise funds for.  

Yesterday, I made the plunge and splashed out on a new pair of running shoes, as i'm not entirely sure that my current ones will last the training! After a bit of research I went a local running shop and came away with a pair of Asics Nimbus 16, they were a little pricey but oh so comfy, albeit a bit on the heavy side, but that makes absolutely no difference to someone of my portly build - as anyone who knows me will tell you, speed is not my forte, it's about going the distance. However, hey do really live up to their name and the ride is truly cloud-like. Following a little trot last night and a 60 minute training run this morning, they seem to be up to the job of absorbing the shock of me pounding the pavements!

So, I'll go forth to week four with a solid week of training behind me and dare I say i'm looking forward to it, but as always, still need a bit of motivation....

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