Saturday, 17 January 2015

Whatever the weather

Well, that's week four done. A little earlier than expected because I sacrificed a training run on Wednesday due to the weather being decidedly crap. Mind you, I cant complain as it IS winter and we have been pretty spoiled with a lot of mildness lately so a bit of freezing rain and gusty winds are to be expected and I should man up a bit more! Anyhoo, this week I ended up doing a 40 minute recovery run on Tuesday, then a 30 minute steady run on Thursday evening (instead of Wednesday) missed out the 50 minute speed run/cross training session on Friday and rescheduled my long run (70 mins) for today instead of Sunday.

It didn't go too badly but I can't recommend going out on a crisp sunny day at midday in a Devon coastal resort as I found myself running up behind people and constantly apologising for making them jump! Didn't think I was that scary or that light footed but it seems I must be... 

A picture of some beach huts at the halfway point today

FOOTWEAR UPDATE: The new shoes are breaking in nicely and still feel really comfy so I don't think I'll have any problems with them along the way, but ask me again after 26.2 miles and the answer may be different!

Still can't believe that's a month of training done already, earlier on this week was exactly 3 months to the race but I can safely say I'm a quarter of the way there and happily running a quarter of the distance so that's all good - just got to keep on keeping on....

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