Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Week 5 Done!

Apologies for the blog being a little late this week, I have had a busy weekend catching up with family and friends to make up for my absence at Christmas!  

Last weeks short runs went to plan and I even managed a good 80 minute long run around an old favourite route in my home-town which made me realise how much the Devonshire hills have helped my stamina as I managed a long incline that I used to find particularly hard with ease.

The only problem I have this week is that I seem to have returned home with an unwanted late Christmas present in the form of a stinking cold so tonight's run is unfortunately being postponed in the hope that tomorrow i'll have less in the way of snot and shivers going on and I can go run. As for most colds, I know that the general advice for running is using the neck rule. This means that if you only have symptoms above the neck (i.e. runny/blocked nose, headache, sore throat) then get out there and run but if there are any niggles below the neck (i.e cough, muscular pain, fever etc.) then it should be avoided so as not to make things worse. 

Another thing we are being threatened with this week is that good old winter favourite SNOW, which is fine on its own, it's just the days of ice that follow afterwards that are not kind to runners. Call me a wuss, but as someone who falls over on a flat bit of road on a summers day I don't relish the idea of running on ice....that to me spells an unsavoury trip to A&E and that is the last thing I want during this training! 

As ever I need a bit of motivation for next week so I shall remain positive by remembering that....

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