Saturday, 21 February 2015

I've come a long way...

So, this time last week, I was happy that i'd run 1.5 miles after 3 weeks of nothing and looking forward to trying out a 2 miler the next day.

This was Me today,
and will be me forever most likley!

Fast forward a week and I have pretty much caught up! Did two and a half out of three of the training runs in the week and managed a whole 10 miles today for my long run!

This is something I really didn't envisage happening at all. I embarked on the long run with a 10 mile goal but would have been happy with 8 seeing as I've not done a long run for a while. Unsurprisingly, I went slower than a three-toed sloth in a tree covered in treacle, but I did it - I went the distance without falling over/collapsing/requiring medical attention.

Saying that, i'm sure I will be sore in the morning but it has been reassuring that all the previous training hasn't gone entirely to waste and I can get back on track for the 15 mile run scheduled for next week.  Now that will be slightly trickier because I need to arrange it around a weekend of work but its not impossible...just need a lot of inspiration to get there...

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