Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week one almost done!

Here we are at the end of the first week already.  Managed to clock up another 2 miles on the treadmill this morning taking me up to a total of 8 'indoor' miles if I add that to the 3 'outdoor' miles I have  managed a grand total of 11 miles this week, which I'm very happy with!

As I still appear to be as dedicated to this little project as I was 6 days ago (which is a sure sign that i'm actually going to do this, the novelty of these kind of things normally wear off after 48hrs) I decided that getting some decent trainers was a must.

So I started a bit of research and took a few online tests to see what would be best for me. I began answering questions about my running habits, finding out that i'm a heel striker and stepping out of the shower on to bits of paper to discover that my feet are classed as 'normal' - at least something is!!

The results came back with a variety of shoes that would suit me, but the trainers that came up on every test I did were Nike Lunarglide 4+. Read a few reviews and they seemed to be ok so I jumped in the car and headed to Bluewater on a Saturday afternoon (asking for trouble) and found the exact ones I was after in JD sports (...shudder.).  I fought my way through the sea of chavs and their buggies to finally get my hands on the most comfy (and expensive) pair of trainers I have ever worn.  I realise I would have saved a lot of time, effort and and stress had I just gone to a proper specialist shop in the first place and been properly assessed by an expert but I'm ridiculously independent, as well as scared that I would just be laughed out of the shop when I waddle in asking for running trainers - ridiculous I know but that's just me!!

I will, however make sure my next pair are obtained it that way when I seriously start to pound the pavements when the marathon training starts later in the year!

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