Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot!

There's a weird orange ball in the sky in the UK at the moment and i'm really not used to it!  As today is Sunday it is long run day and today it was only 3 miles so it wasn't too challenging but the heat was another thing entirely.   I went out at half six this morning, it was only 13 degrees C but I do tend to get a bit hot when i'm running so it felt to me like running through a jungle with the good old British humidity - and parts of the A2 are a lot like a jungle at the moment where the hedgerows have grown out of control!

Still having trouble with my pace. My long run pace is supposed to be a snail like pace of 12:30 but i'm having trouble going slower than 11:00 my average pace for today was 11:15 in the end.  I might pop out tomorrow and do a quick mile test to see if my target paces have changed in the last few weeks.

So that's the first week of half marathon training done and I've got to say, so far, i'm enjoying it.  Feeling so much fitter and stronger and it really hasn't had any impact on my day to day life either.  Other than getting up a stupid o'clock, but that's not too bad!  

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