Monday, 1 July 2013

Half-Marathon Trainee

I've had a little break from running lately but it's good to be back!  Just returned from a week away in Cornwall where I indulged in a spot of pasty eating and cream tea consuming but did a hell of a lot of brisk walking over beaches, up hills and over rocks as well as a 17 mile bike ride so I've actually come back fitter and stronger from holiday for the first time ever!

This morning is the start of a new era for me.  Today, I began a half-marathon training programme as it is 12 weeks today until I challenge myself to a 13.1 mile run!  

The basis of the programme I'm following is 3 days of running up to 40 minutes in the week then a long run at the weekend, which starts at 3 miles then progressing up to 12 miles two weeks before the big day.  It looks like it will be hard work but I managed the first 30 min easy run this morning so as long as I take it one day at a time and put the miles in then I can only get stronger.

Monday Motivation.....

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