Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas pudding

I have made it to the the end of the first week of marathon training still intact.  Had a slight problem this morning when I woke up still under the influence of last nights silly juice and was in no fit state to go for a run but a day of intense hydration and resting got me back on track and I somehow managed the scheduled 40 minute run. 

While I was mooching around today I came across a great article from Runners World about pushing through mental barriers.  Perfect reading for this time of year when it seems easier to come up with a million excuses rather than getting out there. Have a look if you need a bit of inspiration -

On the subject of mental barriers, next week is going to be a bit of a challenge as I will have to do battle with the perils of Christmas indulgence.  There is also some nasty stormy weather on the way combined with the gym closing early, making an indoor run impossible - So it looks like i'll be making the most of my thermals.  Bring on week two!

Must be time for some motivation again to prepare for next week....

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