Tuesday, 17 December 2013

So it begins....

Eight months ago I had the genius idea that I would run a marathon.  The day has finally arrived that I begin 16 long weeks of intense training for that very event!  (Officially, it began yesterday but as the first day was a rest day there's not a lot to say about it - I rested, that is all.)

This morning's task was a 20 minute easy run.  Well, it sounded easy yesterday when I was perusing this week's schedule.  But then I got up at 4:45 am today and looked out of my cold, condensation covered bedroom window to see an uninspiring chilly, dark, wet December morning.  I did have the option of going for a run later when I got home from work with the boy, but knew deep down that there was no way I would do it after a day at work so I just had to bite the bullet and get out there.  

It lived up to my expectations of being dark, cold, damp and uninspiring but I just used my imagination and visualised all those lovely summer mornings that I went out running and got on with it!  

The schedule this week is very kind, considering it's marathon training. The first week is designed to get me back into a regular running routine with another 20 minute easy run on Friday morning then a 40 minute long run on Sunday (that will be fun after an Xmas party on Saturday night - ha!)

I am using the Bupa beginners training plan as that is what I followed for the half marathon and it seemed to suit me.  There are so many training plans out there and some look horrendous to be honest and I know that I have to have a schedule that's simple and flexible or I know that there's no chance I will follow it! Here's the link to it if any beginners out there are interested in training for a marathon http://www.bupa.co.uk/running/training/training-programmes/beginner-marathon/

The start line of the Brighton Marathon  - the place this training will take me to! (ITV.com)

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