Sunday, 29 December 2013

Take it Indoors

After a week of eating my own body weight in unnecessary cheese and chocolate, it was not particularly easy to haul my butt out of bed to go for an early morning long run.  The Long run is only up to 50 minutes so it's not very far yet but considering the fact I simply 'forgot' to go for a short training run on Friday It was important to me that I got out there and did it. 

Winter this year has been a bit all over the place, so i'm never quite sure what to expect when I get out the door but this morning I was greeted with a shimmer of ice over the cars and a slight frost on the grass.  Undeterred by this, I carried on with my warm up walk and began to notice that the pavements were a little slippery too.  Now, to a normal person this would not pose a problem but to someone like myself who falls over on a perfect summer's day on a flat road the thought of running on slippery pavements and the damage that could cause does not bear thinking about!

Before I started to head back and admit outdoor defeat, I quickly checked the opening times of the gym on my phone and as it was open, went home to grab my gym stuff, change out of my thermals and resign my self to 50 minutes of boredom on the treadmill instead. It was horrible and  it dragged on forever, but at least my run was done so it's on to week three for a little bit more of the same! 

Time for the weekly dose of motivation and i've found that this way of thinking has helped me a lot during my training so far..

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