Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Doggie Doo Dodge

This morning was my first 30 min easy run of the week and the last run of 2013! Sounds easy enough and it was.....by the time I got out out there. First of all, I popped my head out of the door then had to go back in to get my rainy running gear on as it was tipping down plus a bit windy but this is England and that's what happens so had to go with it! 

The run itself was fine but the one big thing that bugged me is the amount of dog poop everywhere. I'm a big lover of dogs but unfortunately they can't be trained to clear up after themselves so sort it out people, only takes 2 minutes and a doggie doo bag! What makes it worse is that it's wet, slimy and smeared all over the pavements, lying in wait around corners for clumsy runners like myself to slide around in it!   Luckily I just about managed to avoid most of it. Tomorrow is a 25 minute run, and, from past experience, a new years day run involves avoiding piles of vomit too woo hoo!

If only this happened....

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