Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Drizzle Sticks

Another sunny, dry day in the 'Bourne! (When I say sunny I mean covered in cloud and by dry I mean a constant drizzle in the air.)  It was a little moist outside this morning that "fine rain that soaks you through" (Peter Kay, Early 2000's) so I thought it would be wise to wear my mac to prevent me getting too soggy.  This turned out to be a ridiculous idea.  Although today is damp and grey it is not actually cold so within minutes I was looking (and feeling) like a boiled ham.  I stuck with it for the first mile but found myself doing inadvertent interval training with little walking stops.  The tracks 'Pass Out' and 'I Need Air' playing in my ears were becoming a little ironic!

After the first mile I decided to tie the wretched thing around my waist but it's a slippery little bugger so just annoyed me because I was constantly having to tighten it to stop it falling off.  Grrrrrr.

I made it to the end eventually and covered two miles of running with another three quarters of a mile of walking so at the end of the day, I covered the distance.

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