Thursday, 20 June 2013


This week is all about learning how I cope with a full on training schedule and so far I have learned some important lessons about overdoing it.  Tuesday morning was  supposed to be an easy run, following my 5 mile extravaganza on Sunday but oh no I couldn't let myself run slow enough and ended up with hamstring pain on the right and a pulled calf on the left!  I also had a late night on Tuesday catching up with friends and although not a sniff of alcohol was involved I still awoke yesterday feeling wrong.  

So, part of the running learning curve is knowing when to give it a rest so I did and started again today with an attempt to crack this easy run lark. Started with a nice little warm up walk then fell quickly in to an easy, slow pace running along at just over 11:30 minutes per mile, which is exactly what I wanted and I happily kept that up for 30 minutes without having to walk and felt like I could have easily kept that up for an hour or so! Covered 2.6 miles running and took it up to a little under 3 miles with the cool down walk, followed by a good stretching session when I got home. Feel a lot more ready for my interval session tomorrow now.

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