Friday, 14 June 2013

Now, for an interval.

Had a great nights sleep last night so i'm over the effects of sleep deprivation which had a firm grip on me from yesterday afternoon onwards, not good!

I am trying to get into a varied training routine that involves a few different activities so this week, for example, I have finally nailed it.  I had a day off Monday, Resistance training and swimming Tuesday, straight running Wednesday and Thursday, interval training today then a long run Sunday morning then day off again on Monday.

This morning was my first interval training session.  For those who don't know what I'm on about, interval training is short bursts of intense activity followed by a couple of minutes rest.  It's a bit like weight training for the heart.  

Today, I ran like the clappers for 30 seconds then walked briskly for 2 minutes while my poor heart recovered from the shock of having to work that hard!  It's one of those things that sounds easy and I have to admit the first 3 rounds were easy,  then I started to struggle and it was hard going. Got up to 10.3mph at top speed, anybody watching would have been amazed to see a boiled ham move that fast! I managed 7 intervals this morning but ideally I need to do 8 or 9 to take my total time to 20 minutes, but like everything else, as long as I keep at it, I will improve with time.

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