Monday, 3 June 2013

Week Seven!

I had a slightly naughty weekend.  It started off full of good intentions to do my first four miler but, as usual, the lure of the pub was too great. I was restrained for me so there was no smoking, no shouting/singing/laughing hysterically at random strangers and no falling over.  Still, I had a good time and there was a lovely catch up with some great friends.  Despite the fact I didn't succumb to the dreaded shots I still awoke to that familiar 'dead' feeling that you only get after consuming alcohol the wrong side of thirty :(.  Unfortunately, my plans for a spritely four mile run when out of the window so I hung out in bed and moped around feeling sorry for myself instead!  Did start to get a bit angry over it but you live and learn and just need to be a bit stronger in the future and stop with the alcohol a bit earlier on in the night so I won't get so dehydrated.

Luckily, today is another day and being on a late shift at work gave me the perfect opportunity to get that four miler in, and it was good!  Didn't break any records (other than longest run) but kept a steady pace and managed to cover 4 miles in under 45 minutes.  I'm happy with that.

Monday Motivation......

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