Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another milestone, well, two more milestones!

It's only 6am but today has, so far, been a good day.  Got up for my normal run, managed to find a nice pace quite quickly so I decided to see how far I could go without feeling overwhelmed to walk.  Soon enough I made it to the end of the first mile, 12 seconds slower than Monday's mile but still feeling good, so I decided to keep going for another half mile, was still feeling fine by the end of that so decided to go for 2 miles and I made it, even though the last half mile was up hill!  I was so happy I strode purposefully home and even managed a little sprint up the hill to my front door :)

The one thing that has surprised me most about this week is how much fitter I am after only 4 weeks of training. Took my resting pulse rate last night while lounging on the sofa and it was only 62 - don't think it's ever been anywhere near that for a long time. My poor heart has been used to galloping along between 80-90 bpm for the past 15 years!  

If anyone reading this is thinking about starting running then I urge you to stop thinking about it and just go for it.  Feeling fit is, probably, the best feeling in the world :)

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