Monday, 27 May 2013

Week Six!

Five weeks done! How easy was that?? Not easy at all, but i'm still at it and am still improving!

Yesterday was supposed to be my 5k day but I ate a whole load of rubbish on Saturday, woke up with my insides churning on Sunday morning so didn't go out.  This then sent me into a rage like the incredible hulk over the slightest thing.  Yes, I am turning into an angry person if I don't get my exercise. This is something new to me.  In the past, I would have felt angry at the thought of training but now the whole thing has flipped and that little outburst was a reminder that I can't just slip in and out of my old habits without consequences.

That was yesterday.  Today is another day and i'm feeling rather chuffed with myself! I shaved another 1 min 45 secs off my 5k time, despite not having a clear route in my mind when I set out and forgetting to take a drink with me. Doh!  This resulted in a lot of dehydrated meandering around town, but hey, I survived, and the thought of getting back home for a drink probably made me run faster!

Have been doing a lot more serious research into my training over the past week and am going to incorporate a good 5 minute cool down walk at the end of my run rather than it finishing when I arrive home.  Just had a good stretching session too as I've also recently discovered exactly how important this is to help prevent injury. 

Time for some Monday Motivation......2012-03-03_0712

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