Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesday. Feels more like a Monday!

Tuesday morning and back on the road after a day off.  It was very hard to get out of bed this morning, woke up a bit late and for a few minutes I just laid there very seriously considering saying 'sod it' and snuggling under the duvet for some more zzz's.  Even started going through silly excuses: my knees still ache a bit; I won't have time to make my lunch for work etc. etc.  

In the end I just told myself to haul my fat ass out of bed and try, if it's that bad i'll just come home and rest.  Simple.  So I did go out and have come back with slightly better feeling knees but a very sore right thigh, maybe another rest day tomorrow.  If I keep running on slight niggles without giving them a chance to heal then they will surely turn in to major niggles! And I can do without any major injuries.

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