Monday, 13 May 2013

Week Four...

Woo Hoo! I've made it to the start of week four, that's nearly a month you know!

This morning however, I am sore.  Sore knees and sore hips - telling me that running just over 5 and a half miles in two days was a slightly silly idea! Oh well, live and learn so today I went nowhere near the road and drove to the local swimming pool for 30 relaxing lengths of breaststroke just to keep everything ticking over without pounding my poor 33yr old joints!

I have re-thought my weekly training plan now and will run no more than 20 minutes in the mornings for now  (gradually increasing to 30 as I get better) and then do just one 'long' run of 5k or over at the weekend. That way I have at least 2 days off from running a week and should be training sensibly so I don't knacker my joints out completely before the real marathon training begins!


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