Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Morning.

Sunday morning again, every sane person was still in bed following last night's thrashing at Eurovision and I was once again out on a run. I was also quite chuffed with myself because I managed a whole evening of socialising last night on only two beers, as opposed to two bottles of wine, and subsequently felt a lot better for it today!   

Ventured out slightly later this morning, so was able to lie in 'till 7am! As it's the weekend I went for a slightly longer run than usual and did another 5k. I believe I managed to knock a few seconds off my time from last week too, (not sure exactly how much because the Garmin site is down - on a Sunday morning really? That's when the world goes for a run! Shame on you Garmin!!)  

Having not hit the tarmac since Thursday morning, I was a little worried that I might have lost it a bit but as i've gone easy on the running this week and done more cross training, but surprisingly my legs felt a lot stronger and had less niggly aches and pains than last week.

Though my body felt better I did have a few clothing issues this morning. It's getting towards the end of May now, plus I was out later than usual means it's a little bit hotter in the mornings, plus the fact that I had to wear two sports bra's this today for comfort (only discovered this tip yesterday and it has helped a lot - ladies of a certain build who have ever tried running will fully understand what I mean by that!) so ended up little over heated today (see fig. 1.1). Must invest in a long sleeve running top so I can ditch the hoodie over summer!

fig.1.1.  Hot!

Garmin site is up and running now and it's 1 minute and 12 seconds I beat my last 5k time by! Woo and indeed hoo! :)

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