Saturday, 11 May 2013

I love gadgets. Fact.

It is a lovely morning again, a little breeze but that's nice and you don't get that stuck inside the gym! 

I was a little bit excited about my run today because I have a new gadget.  Got myself a GPS watch and it's a grand bit of kit! Really simple to use and very accurate too, it's so nice to see exactly where I have been and how many miles I have covered.  Even though speed isn't that important, it was nice to see that i'm trundling along at an average speed of just over 5 miles per hour, which puts me on track for just under five and a half hour time for the marathon - exactly what i'm aiming for! Got to work at maintaining that pace for that amount of time - that's the hard part!

I was also surprised at the distance I have been covering, what I had previously thought was about 1.5 miles is actually 2.5 so that's a plus!

   Garmin Forerunner 10 - Lovely stuff :)

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