Monday, 20 May 2013

Week Five.

Overcome by the shock of entering week five and that i'm still getting up stupid early for a run, I managed to run a whole mile, no slowing down for a 'breather' in 10 min 15 sec!! For someone who usually averages around 11.5 - 12 min miles, that was a significant breakthrough!  

So if anyone saw a weeble running through the rec this morning grinning like an idiot and punching the air then that was most likely me!

I didn't do much more than the mile though and slowly trotted the rest of the way home after remembering how I overdid it last weekend by subjecting my jelly legs to just over 5 miles in 24 hrs but doing some cross training in the gym tomorrow then back running again on Thursday morning.  Probably should have a had a rest day today as I have a tendency to forget that I am only a beginner and need to focus on not pushing too hard and getting an early injury!

As it's Monday, here's some weekly inspiration.....


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