Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Week Three....

Three weeks ago, I really didn't i'd still be here writing this blog! Got back yesterday from a lovely weekend away and four days of no proper exercise -other than embarrassing the OH by running up every little hill at Alton Towers and masterfully tackling never ending spiral staircases at Warwick castle!

Despite the time off, I found on Sunday that I was missing running desperately and have since vowed to take my kit with me the next time we go away.  I have had people tell me that it is addictive but always assumed that I would be immune as running addiction only happens to other people right??

Anyhoo, I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, raring to go.  I decided that I would see how long I could continuously run for, (previous best being just over 6 minutes) and to my surprise, happily managed 10 minutes, the latter 3 of those being uphill.  

Just got to keep that going for another 320 minutes and i'll be able to run a marathon!!

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