Thursday, 9 May 2013

Uphill Struggle

Today I smashed through the 20 minute barrier! By smashed I mean limped through the barrier looking rather hot and sticky rather than skipping through it with ease like an Olympic champion. But still, I did it!

It also didn't help that I decided to try out a new route today which turned out to be almost entirely uphill so there was a bit more walking involved today.  But even though it was hard, I am still enjoying it and feeling stronger. Just got to keep pushing a little more every time I go out.

Checked the Brighton Marathon site  only 333 days to go, that's only 11 months! Started to worry earlier if what i'm doing is enough then had to remind myself that i'm not trying to break any records, just get round the route alive and in a reasonable time!

Having a day off tomorrow then attempting to hit 25 mins on Saturday morning.

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